2 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. I’m going to assume you chose to use a Contact Page as opposed to an About Page. I often look for and thoroughly enjoy reading/liking/commenting on an About on each blog I visit. I missed reading yours and seeing a picture!


    1. Sorry to disappoint you lol. For what it’s worth I’m 32, have 5 kids with a 6th on the way, married to a beautiful woman and have two dogs. I work a dull job by day but at night I write as much as I can, whether it’s short stories, articles, submissions for other sites or even some extra work editing/proofreading other people’s work. I would love to write full time as I simply enjoy doing it. Apart from films I love comic books and television series and am into my tech, such as smart watch, phones, tablets and most importantly my chromebook which I do most of my work on. I never thought anybody would like to read more about me, so thank you- maybe I will put a bio on here at some point.


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