Movie Related Merchandise

As Christmas approaches thoughts soon turn to presents and in this age of digital access and internet shopping, it’s never been easier to find movie related products. Forget just buying DVDs or Blu-Ray for the film-mad spouse or obsessed child, nowadays there are so many other options. Here’s a few…


In the age of the geek, movie-mad fans can display their love of all things celluloid with t-shirts, caps etc. There are the more obvious options which emblazon your clothing with the Bat-symbol or legendary characters such as Darth Vader, cross-franchise mash-ups such as Family Guy themed Star Wars options or the more subtle versions which name drop a place, person or company from a movie without brazenly shouting the name of the film. Here’s a few of the more subtle options available from Last Exit to Nowhere;

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Action Figures/Statues

An array of options are available here, particularly in the horror, sci-fi and superhero genres. Whether it’s a cabinet full of the Avengers or a lone statue celebrating Arnie’s Terminator, owning a statue or detailed action figure portrays a certain love for a character, movie or franchise. Owning a lifesize option may be too far but that’s an opinion (and jealousy).

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A perfect fit for Christmas or Halloween, as well as old and young fans alike, costumes are available in all places. Kids versions of superheroes can be found in most major supermarkets, sites like Amazon have a varied stock while specialist online retailers will provide you with multiple options. Here’s a selection including characters from this years biggest films and some cult classics (but no Killer Clowns);



Batman cufflinks? Superman belt buckle? Yes, all available and plenty more besides. Great stocking fillers for Christmas.


It’s easy to find almost anything with a movie theme these days thanks to the internet and this category shows a few examples. Put your thinking caps on and search for the best present for your significant movie-mad others;


And to finish the ultimate acceptable grown-up toy, hours and fun and plenty of options;


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