Spider-Man Revealed…and Giant-Man?

Our first glimpse of Spider-Man appears at the end of the trailer, showing his allegiance with Iron Man’s pro-government side.  In the comic book series on which the movie is based Spider-Man began on Iron Man’s side before switching to join Captain America and his team.  May the same flip-flop occur in the movie?  Not long to wait anyhow.  View the trailer below:

Another potential spoiler for the movie may have been released by Lego- one of their play sets features a giant version of Ant-Man.  The original Ant-Man from the comics, Hank Pym, has also gone by the name Giant-Man, using his Pym Particles to increase his size rather than decrease.  It remains to be seen whether the Scott Lang version of Ant-Man portrayed by Paul Rudd will follow suit but this Lego set is teasing the possibility that a larger-than-life hero will appear on-screen.



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