Ghostbusters Trailer and some musings

Finally, the trailer for Ghostbusters has arrived.  Here it is…

And that was it.  And my initial reaction…’meh’.

I am a fan of the original film and, when first hearing of a new movie, hoped it would continue the adventures of the awesome foursome.  Sadly this movie seems to be a reboot, despite the initial writing at the beginning of the trailer that almost tricking us into thinking this movie was set in the same universe as the original.  Worryingly the captions are wrong since the first feature was set 32 years ago (not 30) and the ‘four scientists’ were actually three scientists and a blue collar worker (Winston).

Throughout the trailer there are nods to the previous films, including Slimer and a scene very similar to the library opening of the 1984 movie.  Other references are also of note, particularly the obvious Exorcist moment echoing the famous ‘power of Christ compels you’ scene.   The technology used for the proton packs and Ecto-1 are reminiscent of the classic kit with a more modern look as expected and looking generally good while the SFX pass muster.

The look of the movie is troubling for me.  It doesn’t look or feel like Ghostbusters and the comedy is of the common loud and broad variety rather than the sarcastic, deadpan delivery often provided by the original group of characters.  I have no problem with an all-female cast, though the fact that this is a big deal is somewhat worrying in this day and age and other female comediennes, such as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, would be my preferred choice.  Also of note is the somewhat racial stereotyping present- three white characters have academic smarts, while the lone black character is ‘street smart’.

Put simply, the trailer didn’t raise a smile for me which for a comedy film is never a good sign.  True judgement will have to wait until the movie is out and a different trailer may offer more insight into the film itself in the near future.  For now, expectations are low but the theme song still sounds good.


3 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Trailer and some musings

  1. Agreed with pretty much everything you said. The deadpan comedy (and sarcasm too) of the first was fantastic….no doubt helped along with Dan Aykroyd and Bill F’n Murray’s comedic genius, and this trailer failed to live up to those expectations.

    And while I understand they have a parallel going between three scientists and a guy off the street, it’ll no doubt cause backlash that the three scientists are again white, and the African American member coming off the streets is a Tyler Perry-esque, cartoonish stereotype.

    The special effects look fantastic…and that’s always a red flag for me. I find if a trailer really emphasizes effects and tries too hard to say that I’ll love the characters, the movie’s in trouble.

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    1. Thanks for commenting Mike. I share your opinion completely. Whilst there is nothing I outright hate, there is nothing that makes me want to see the movie. The point of a trailer is to capture your interest yet this trailer did nothing to make me want to see the film. Normally a comedy trailer suffers from spoiling the best gags- I wish that were the case here. I won’t judge any movie based on its trailer alone but I will judge a trailer based on my reaction to it. I hope a second trailer is revealed that repairs the damage done here- it’s happened recently with Antman and Batman v Superman (the recent Batman orientated trailer looked superb while the second one felt like a poor Marvel copy- the one with the ‘I thought she was with you’ joke at the end).

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