Oscars 2016- Predictions

Since This Week’s Movie News will wait until after the Oscars, here are some predictions for the Academy Awards –

Best Film

Spotlight should win this and deservedly so given the wonderful performances by an excellent ensemble.  Some of the other nominations are worthy contenders however best film should reflect a perfect combination of acting, writing, directing and more in one package, which no other movie does as well as Spotlight this year.  The Revenant, for example, has a powerhouse performance from Leonardo DiCaprio but the film itself does suffer from some repetitiveness in its long running time.


González Iñárritu will probably win, based on DiCaprio’s performance and the excellent cinematography on display during The Revenant.  George Miller would be a pleasant surprise winner for Mad Max while Lenny Abrahamson managed to capture the world as might someone who had never seen it before in the tenderly directed Room.

Lead Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio.

See The Revenant.


That is all.

Lead Actress

It’s got to be Brie Larson.  She has cleaned up at the Golden Globes, the SAG and the Bafta Awards and deserves the statuette as much as Leo deserves his.  Her work in Room as a kidnapped, sexually-abused woman trapped for years in an enclosed space saw her running a gauntlet of emotions and delivering in every scene.

Supporting Actor

Poetically it should be Sylvester Stallone for his role in Creed, reprising the character of Rocky Balboa for the seventh, and possibly final, time.  His career has come full circle as it truly began when he wrote Rocky and sold the screenplay with the stipulation that he would play the title role.

Supporting Actress

Kate Winslet is outstanding in Steve Jobs, personifying the steadfast real life character of Joanna Hoffman.

Writing (Adapted)

Emma Donaghue (Room) adapted her own novel for the screen and succeeded in capturing the emotion and claustrophobia present in her original work which the cast and crew wonderfully brought to life.

Writing (Original)

Although based on real world events, Spotlight is an original work and the writing duo of Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy meticulously researched the details which translates sublimely to the big screen.


Mad Max contains plenty of action and, probably one of the best things about the movie, is that the action is both exciting and easy to follow.  Coherent action pieces are sadly a rarity in modern cinema however the set pieces on display here are beautifully edited together for a seamless movie.


Emmanuel Lubezki deserves as much credit for The Revenant as DiCaprio.  The film is shot beautifully, from wide scene setting images to close ups; every scene is gloriously captured by Lubezki, who may be one of the greatest cinematographers of all time.

Other Predictions

Men wear suits, women wear dresses, several people fan the controversy of this year’s nominations.  Chris Rock will be loud and laugh lots.  Several actors will give their best performance of the year as they clap the winner from their Losers seat.


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