Deadpool Sequel Confirmed

Deadpool, scheduled for release this week, has already had a sequel confirmed.  The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, which has since been confirmed by multiple outlets and the writers themselves via twitter.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, writers of the current movie, are already at work on a sequel which Fox is said to have given the greenlight based on a combination of critical reviews, audience anticipation and tracking figures.  The studio is also said to be keen to keep the main creative team behind Deadpool intact and, although not signed on officially, it appears that director Tim Miller is wanted back for the sequel.

Director Miller and Reynolds

Reese, Wernick and Miller, plus star Ryan Reynolds, spent several years fighting for the project to be made.  The critical reaction and this news is undoubtedly a wonderful reward for what became a passion project for the quartet.

Reese, Reynolds and Wernick

Reynolds has stated that, although he would want to do some direct sequels to Deadpool, he does wish to link up the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ with the larger X-Men film universe, with X-Force being a ‘priority’.  The X-Force comic book has had several different incarnations but generally has a more militaristic or darker tone than other X-Men comics.  One of the characters most associated with X-Force is Cable, a character Deadpool shared a title with for several years and whose relationship has varied from enemies to friends and back again.

News of a sequel and the impending success of Deadpool can only been seen as a major positive, as it may encourage more studios to take risks with comic book adaptations rather than sticking to the standard PG-13 formula.  Surely an R-Rated Wolverine movie could be a possibility now?


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