Deadpool fights Cancer


The six letter word that has affected everyone in some way.  When I was 6 years old my babysitter’s son died of cancer.  My dad died of cancer when I was 19 after three years of diagnosis and remission and diagnosis and remission.  In January 2016 we lost Bowie, Alan Rickman and Sir Terry Wogan.  Bret (the Hitman) Hart will soon undergo surgery to help his battle against prostate cancer.

The eponymous hero of up-coming comic book movie Deadpool suffers from cancer and undergoes an experimental operation which results in him gaining amazing regenerative abilities while his cancer cells also mutate leaving him horribly disfigured.

Both adverts feature Deadpool himself addressing the audience directly and informing everyone how to check themselves properly in his own, pun-filled way.  Given how clever the marketing campaign has been one could dismiss the PSA’s as a new low in stunt publicity, capitalising on peoples’ fear and the current dominance of cancer in the news (due to the sheer number of celebrities suffering/dying from the disease).  Or this could be a genuine promotion to check yourself regularly in order to combat cancer as early diagnosis increases survival rates.

Personally I like to think that the team behind Deadpool are capitalising on their successful marketing campaign to raise awareness of the importance of checking oneself and reducing the amount of deaths from this terrible disease.  Deadpool doesn’t need any further promoting at this point yet anything that can increase the public’s knowledge of cancer should be seen in a positive way.  Heck, I’m talking about it.

And tonight I will touch myself.

Here are the videos:


If you wish to find out more about cancer and how you could help, see the following links:

American Cancer Society

Cancer Research UK

Macmillan Cancer Support


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