This Week’s Movie News

Time for some film news:

Release date changes


A few films this week have altered their scheduled release dates, notably those produced by Disney in response to the delay in their Star Wars: Episode VIII feature.  The next episodic Star Wars film will now open on 15th December 2017, as opposed to its original release date of May 26th.  Apparently this is to capitalise on the holiday market which proved a success for the most recent instalment of the franchise.  Disney’s latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, subtitled Dead Men Tell No Tales, will claim the May release slot and the next Spider-man movie (a co-production between Sony and Disney) will move from July 28th 2017 into the former slot of the Pirates film, July 7th.

Tom Cruise has now officially signed on to Universal’s reboot of The Mummy franchise which has altered the intended release date from March 24th 2017 back to June 9th.  Another reboot has also shifted dates- Sony’s Jumanji has been pushed back from Christmas 2016 to July 28th 2017 (previously occupied by the Spider-man reboot).  Meanwhile Paramount’s Terminator franchise, although not officially cancelled, has had the release dates of both the second and third planned movies of this new trilogy removed- most likely in response to the poor reaction from audiences and critics alike to  2015’s Genisys.

Avatar 2 has also been delayed with no confirmed release date.  Previously it was set to appear December 2017 however news from Twentieth Century Fox confirms that the release date will be pushed back as filming hasn’t started yet, although pre-production such as character and setting designs are almost complete.  Whether Disney knew about this before moving Star Wars: Episode VIII is currently unknown.


DC’s movie universe made itself noticed this week with an official trailer for Suicide Squad and some mini-clips of other forthcoming comic book releases, notably Wonder Woman.


Two potential films for ‘comedy of the year’ have released trailers this week.

Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising (Bad Neighbours 2 in the UK) see’s the return of Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron as they face-off against franchise new-comer Chloe Grace Moretz and her sorority house.  The movie is due in May this year.

Keanu, from sketch show legends Key and Peele, is set to land in April.  Peele plays a man who, after a tough break-up, takes solace in a kitten he names Keanu.  When gangsters steal the cat, Peele teams up with his friend (Key) to track down the felons and feline at all costs.  This red band trailer gives a slice of what to expect.



Deadpool has apparently been banned in China due to its gratuitous violence, obscene language and nudity.  Given the huge appreciation fans have given the film for sticking to its R-rated content, this actually seems like good news and more promotion for the movie itself.  The promotion for the film started with an April’s fool joke last year which tricked fans into thinking the film would meet PG-13 standards before Deadpool himself appeared and killed host Mario Lopez.  More recently a host of trailers and posters have appeared.

A new video emerged online today in which Deadpool sent a message to Australia (due to the forthcoming Australia Day).  In the video Deadpool mentions Hugh Jackman and discusses how he will never forgive Wolverine for the X-Men origins movie, in which Reynolds played a very different, poorly received version of the ‘Merc with a mouth’.  The clip shows that Deadpool’s trademark fourth-wall breaking humour remains intact in this translation to the big screen.

Deadpool is reportedly tracking to open in the US with a box office of $55-$60 million.  Fans can only hope this becomes a reality as encouraging future comic book adaptations to take a risk can only be a good thing in what could become an over-saturated, stale market- there are currently over 50 planned comic book adaptations.



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