Hello Film Fans

Dear Reader

Hello and welcome to my new ongoing blog covering all things film.

I’m a huge fan of many different types of film and will be covering a wide variety of content.  As a father of five I’ve been subjected to multiple showings of Frozen, while my personal favourite movies include Captain America: Winter SoldierIt’s a Wonderful LifeLes Miserables and The Usual Suspects among others.  As a bit of a geek I’ve amassed a wealth of pointless knowledge to share and upcoming blog ideas include looking at movie plot holes, time travel rules, multiple posts about Star Wars and comic book movies and a few other half-formed ideas currently rushing around inside my cranium.

I welcome any feedback and feel free to share the blog around social media.

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N.B. General copyright statement. Images used in articles are not for monetary gain and used only to add to the content.  All images are subject to copyright laws and do not belong to myself but to the respective owner (normally movie studio).  Any queries please contact.  Copyright details will be added to individual photos/pictures if requested.


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